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#100DaysOfCode Game Plan

2nd attempt of #100DaysOfCode after a Christmas period slip up. This time round am more ready, more organized and more psyched. I split the 100 days into 10 sections thereby breaking down my big goals discussed in a previous post  into smaller tasks. I intend to post the 10 day plan each week along with the daily logs. Here is the 10 day game plan 1:

Day 1/100 –  Introduction to SQL and SQL Manipulation

Day 2/100 – SQL Queries using clauses, keywords, statements and operators

Day 3/100 – SQL Aggregate Functions

Day 4/100 – SQL Multiple Tables

Day 5/100 – Git. Learn the basic commands

Day 6/100 – One wrap-up practice SQL project

Day 7/100 – Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

Day 8/100 – Playlist Generator Program

Day 9/100 – Savings Log Program with a pop-up reminder

Day 10/100 – Daily Expense Log that also generates a weekly and monthly report

After Day 5, I will be able to push all my code into the git repository. Here’s my update so far:

1/100 – January 1st 2018

Progress:  Introduction to SQL and SQL Manipulation

Learning the Structured Query Language is one of my main end goals for the 100 days. Before this, I had no idea of what databases pertain and how they work beyond the layman definition of a database. I started off by understanding relational databases along with statements and the components of a statement. Among the statements learnt were CREATE, INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, ALTER TABLE and DELETE FROM. For further practice, I made a single table relational database of my friends birthdays. It was easy to follow and understand thanks to Code Academy.

2/100- January 2nd 2018

Progress: SQL Queries  + 1 Kata on Code Wars.

The lesson revolved around clauses, keywords, statements and operators including ; AS, DISTINCT, WHERE, LIKE, IS NULL/IS NOT NULL, BETWEEN, AND, OR, ORDER BY, LIMIT, CASE. Basically it involved learning how to query data from a database using SQL and how to filter such queries to make the information more specific. It was a fun lesson. For the kata, named ‘Find the Odd Integer’,  the challenge was to identify the number of times an integer appears and return the integers that appear an odd number of times. I tried. It was also my first time interacting with the collections module in Python.

3/100- January 3rd 2018

Progress: SQL Aggregate Functions + 1 and a half Katas on Code Wars

This covered how to perform calculations using SQL. I covered the basic functions  COUNT, SUM, MAX/MIN, AVG and ROUND along with the GROUP BY and HAVING clauses used with aggregate functions. It was some fine learning. For the 1 and a half Katas: the first Kata, named ‘Disemvowel troll’, the task was to write a function that takes a string and return a new string will all the vowels removed.


Second Kata, ‘Powers of 2’ , the challenge was to return a list of the powers of 2 in range 0 to n. Exponentials in Mathematics. Am working on it.

Convictions so far…

“A logical explanation is always the right kind.”

I hope to take on 2 Code Wars Katas daily in addition to that day’s planned learning/ project. On SQL, am still far from done. I do not quite understand the case scenarios where I could use SQL especially the large-scale ones. Yet. I have also failed to conduct a further detailed research on SQL outside of the Code Academy lessons. Everything is a work in progress.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I am 17 Days in but I made the mistake of starting without a plan of attack. I will work on that today. Appreciate the inspiration!

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