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2018’s Design Exploration Goals

Make and Share. Make and Share. Make and Share.” – Shantell Martin

Of my personal legends, design is one of the few I have always wanted to achieve. In hopes of exploring my design enthusiasm, I started this blog in August 2017 to share my work , document my learning curve, open it up to critique, for accountability purposes and for some magic in my life. Inspired by Charles and Ray Eames, I chose to explore different types of design for design knows no limits. To undertake my personal legend,  it is important to have clear goals. Here are among the goals that I hope to achieve by the end of 2018;

  • Build an Interior and Product design portfolio 

Timeframe : 6 months, January 2018-June 2018

Challenge: Learn Interior Design and Product Design. Combine them creatively.

This is a way to stretch out from my architecture zone. Read a wider variety of books. Learn about human behavior and design. Soak up a lot of knowledge. Practice a lot. Provide better and innovative solutions to our everyday life. I intend to post the portfolio on Monday, July 2nd 2018.

  • A blog post a week 

Timeframe:  3 months.

Challenge: Make it a habit to post every Monday at 8:00am.

Consistent sharing of my creative works. Each post will aim at adding value to the learning journey and the readers. After 3 months, an evaluation will be conducted to assess whether I will continue posting once a week or up it to 2 posts a week. I hope to share my ideas and process with the goal of getting better, connecting ideas in a new way, connecting with others and as an opportunity to give and create more than I consume. Feel free to share your works with me. Sharing is one of the best ways to build.

  • Work on becoming an idea machine

Timeframe: Indefinite

Challenge : Come up with minimum 5 ideas everyday on how I can progress on my learning and design journey.

Why wait to be backed up in a corner in order to come up with ideas to break free? It’s time make it the daily norm in life. Unleash the idea force in me.

  • Work on my Composition and Visualization.

Timeframe: Create a minimum one practice project weekly.

Challenge : Escape my ArchiCAD comfort zone.

I aim to divulge further into composition and visualization, learn how to use more softwares including and not limited to Photoshop, Illustrator, 3dsMax, Sketch Up and Blender. The practice projects will vary from Architectural works, modeling game environments, Photography to Animations and hopefully much more.

  • Participate in a minimum 4 design contests

Timeframe: 1 design contest quarterly

Challenge: No 2 competitions should be of the same field.

In my view, design contests are a great way to challenge oneself, to test ideas,to build ones portfolio and they provide a different kind of boost and work environment.

  • Have fun and keep learning

Timeframe: To infinity and beyond

Challenge: Not let perfection ruin me. Not give up.

I hope to keep and make the experience interesting.

Have an awesome 2018.

Yours Truly.

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