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Inception-inspired Render Story

Am not a good verbal storyteller. Even among close friends.

Recently, I started learning about visualization. Straying away from the norm of architectural visualizations, I opted to tell stories using visualization. It became interesting to come up with a story line then proceed to design the setting of the story, the sketching, the interior or exterior layout designs, camera settings, render settings among other involved steps.

Growing up, reading and listening to stories, there was this part towards the end of the story that went ” …and the moral of this story was …” At the time, this answered why the story was told and the lesson learnt. Christopher Nolan is an awesome and powerful storyteller. In a scene of his Inception film {2010}, the character Arthur, armed with a FN- SCAR-L assault rifle, is in a shoot-out with the snipers and it is taking precious time that could be used to move on with the plan in action. Realizing this, in comes Eames with a MGL grenade launcher and he says ‘ You must not be afraid to dream a little bit bigger darling’ Eames then proceeds to effortlessly blow up the target and everything around the target with a single round and the team moves on.

You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bit bigger darling- Eames, Inception film.

Inspired by this single line of dialogue, I picked a bar setting with a special focus on the dart board for illustration. Every play revolves around hitting the bull’s-eye with one of the three darts. Why not dream a little bit bigger and use a dagger?

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