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Children all have different stories about their parents. One point of view is that their parents are superheroes. To them parents can see everything, do anything, have super strength, super speeds and they save the day, any day everyday. This inspired the render visualization below.

I chose 2 dining stools for symbolism purposes, a child’s high booster seat on the left and a dining bar stool on the right for the parent.

I have come to learn that a good composition possesses a focal element or elements, structure and balance.

Focal Element

A focal element is what the viewer is drawn to, what the viewer focuses on. This composition has 3 focal elements: the abstracted superman portrait, the child’s booster seat and the dining bar stool. Using the window, the elements are framed. On first glance one immediately sees the three elements. We are also drawn to the geometric rectangular shape of the abstracted superman portrait. Lastly, the light guides us on where to look. Framing, geometric shapes and the light’s guiding lines have brought out the focal elements.


Structure is organization. I organized the elements in the composition based on pyramid and symmetry rules. The pyramid rule is used to organize the focal elements and is formed by the light from the electrical fixture above the portrait.

The Pyramid Rule

Second rule is symmetry. All the elements in the shot are mirrored along the vertical axis.

The Symmetry Rule


Balance addresses the visual weight of the composition. Symmetry  was useful in achieving balance. I also tried using contrast among the subjects, background and foreground to enhance balance.


This is the render story.

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